Laws of Motion & Attraction

Kaye Allen


From the bestselling author of “Chasing Sunsets” & “Falling, Falling”

“Love is Physics & Chemistry.” 

Alex is off to a great start for the new school year when she meets the most perfect guy on campus the weekend before the semester begins. But fate takes a shocking turn come Monday when they meet once again—but at completely different circumstances. For right there she finds the man of her dreams standing in front of her class. Mr. Perfect just turned into Mr. Perfectly-off-limits!

Sir Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law states: “Every action has an opposite and equal reaction,“ and Alex learns that the same applies to love… only more complex. For love is an intricate concept: a spiraling web of science, fate, and feelings. And when feelings are involved, it gets complicated.


9 reviews

  • Lorenz panes

    I love all of Miss Kaye allen stories

  • Lorenz panes

  • Jozel Anacta

  • Rowie Garcia

    I love LOMA! It is so captivating that i literally finished reading it in one sitting! Thank you Kaye for such a lovely love story of
    Alex and Drew☺️

  • MReads

    The story has a smooth and amazing flow, and I love the development of the characters. This book is well-written, and I would definitely recommend this to other readers who are into romance.

  • Mina

    Who could've thought science & love can be so similar to each other? I had fun learning about science while reading about Alex and Drew's love story. I was full of realizations and feels after I finished reading it. Will definitely recommend this book to my friends <3

  • Charoline Viray

    While reading LOMA it brought back the same feelings/emotions I had felt as I was reading the online(fanfic) version of it. I couldn't help myself not to smile or giggle as I read the first few chapters up to the end. This is one of my favorite works of Kaye Allen even before it was published and it remains the same. Though the end was not the same as the online version. It was beautiful. The entire book is beautiful. I'm a sucker for romance 🤧 Definitely recommended for those who loves science and romance ;)

  • Delle

    The book is more beautiful than it already is! ❥ From the book cover down to its content. The story evolves as well as the characters which will definitely bring you to times and places I think you've never been before. Different kinds of emotions was raging! Not the classical stories out there but surely is the best! Lots of twists and surprises. It sealed the deal already, okay? See it for yourself.. Thanks Kaye for another nerve-racking story. ✩☾❤︎シ

  • Sofia Anne

    Each pages, words and chapters EVERYTHING IS PERFECT! 💚 Praises for the Laws of Motion and Attraction! It was indeed a story with full of hopes, care, thoughts and LOVE! Alex and Drew’s story is heart captivating! 💚 Now, whenever I look at the stars; there is Drew and Alex staring at it as well. This book will always have a part in my life as I continue living in a world full of science and LOVE 😍

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Kaye Allen

Kaye Allen is an international and best-selling author of “Words, Fate & Accidents” ...

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