Venture into a world inspired by the ancient glory and spirituality of the Philippines, where man, spirit and nature live in harmony, as a foreign power looms in the horizon. 

In a mountainside settlement in the land of Kapampangan, Uri, a young warrior, trains the men of his village to fight. To everyone's surprise, instead of an army of conquistadores, what arrives is a friar preaching not only for the natives’ conversion to a new religion, but for the abandonment of their worship of nature spirits and ancestors.

Some will yield, some will resist.

And those who will resist — such as Uri and his shaman father Makaslag — will be dealt with.


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16 reviews

  • Dan Ferrolino

    Exciting to!

  • Ariel Cerafica

    Excited for this

  • Dan Ferrolino


  • mary jill langcauon


  • Jerry Onio

    Please I want a copy of ANITU😍😍😍

  • fredvincent marfori

    Awesome!craving for this

  • Randeyl Senahon

    Want to buy 1

  • arvin

    produce more please...

  • Mario Belango

    Can't wait for the next chapter :)

  • Nikita Paola Del Mundo

    As an otaku since soooo long ago, and a mythology enthusiast, sobrang elated ako to find out that there are angels out there that took their leaps of faith to this! On a historical point of view, I love how they're reshaping the views on our subjugation and prior to that. This epic is screaming with pride and I love it so much!

  • Crystal

  • Noryel repiso

  • PipoyBlowsBooks

    Just got mine. Excited for issue #2. When will it be released?

  • Popit De Leon

    Well, it only took me three days to get over the first issue. If only my grasp of Tagalog was as proficient as my English, then it would have been my normal 30 minute read. I really wish there was an English version. Still, i enjoyed the story; admired tge fight choreography; appreciated the scripting in what colonial tagalog would resemble (despite my personal struggle). The colors were vibrant but like the comments of other readers, ninja van can do a better job transporting it. Still, i wait with baited breath for issue 2.

    English, please. I am willing to pay more.

  • Justin Bulanon

  • Chad Cantoni II

    Batid sa aking puso ang galak. Upang mahawakan ang bawat pahina na yaring librong kamanghamangha!

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