The Tale of Tsukuyumi

Mayang Tala

Fantasy, Romance, Drama

The Tale of Tsukuyumi is an if-world and a fantasy story of a Japanese princess whose soul has reincarnated at different times, different countries, and different races until she avenges for the tragic life she suffered in Silla and to find her old lover, a prince of Silla, who is now immortal, in hopes of rekindling their love story in the present.

At the present time, her name is Mayari, a Filipino literary archaeologist residing in Seoul, Korea, she continues her quest to unfold the different point of views of different people in her past who were involved in her death with the help of the man who is currently the owner of the poem scroll of Tsukuyumi. The two of them will unfold the history of their past lives and to give answers to who are they today.


2 reviews

  • steph

    I felt like I was in a k-drama while reading! Kudos to the author for adding Filipino mythologies as well <3 Really loved all the characters especially Mayari!

  • Jean

    Learned so much about the culture and legends of South Korea, China, and of course the Philippines! Na-imagine ko po talaga na yung kinekwento ni Mayari. Super love the story!

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Mayang Tala

Mayang Tala is a graduate of literature at one of the known universities in Manila. Despite being dy...

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