BEYOND THE STORY: Kaye Allen talks about her fan fiction writing days & her novel, #LOMA!

June 15, 2020

From a well loved fan fiction online, Kaye Allen’s “Laws of Motion & Attraction” is now a published novel! 

Know more about bestselling author, Kaye Allen as she shares with us her inspirations in writing and what to expect in Alex and Drew’s story full of science, stars, and romance in this exclusive interview with! 

  1. What is #LOMA all about?

Laws of Motion & Attraction is a new adult romance drama set in a university and basically starts off with two people, Drew and Alex, experiencing the thrill of falling in love again. I can’t say much about the plot because part of the experience of reading this book is unraveling the events—the plot twists—as you go through the chapters. But what I can tell you is this story tells a lot about the process of moving on. It centers not only on the theme of falling in and out of love, but also about the struggle in between—the part people sometimes forget: how moving on is easier said than done; that learning to forgive yourself is an important first step; and most of all… it’s about deserving second chances.

  1. What/who inspired you to first create this story as a fan fiction?

During my online fanfiction-writing days, I got this idea that I wanted to write a Sci-Fi story. It was a very ambitious goal but I was just trying out different genres to practice writing. I ended up with Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion while I was researching and a story premise hit me! And since I had been writing fanfics for BTS on my blog, they also played a huge role in the creation of this story since my lead character was originally a BTS member.

The Sci-Fi story I had originally planned turned into a romance drama instead, and that’s how #LOMA was born! I wouldn’t have it any other way, though. It turned out pretty amazing and it’s the most successful story on my blog to date. 

  1. What can readers of the fan fic expect from the novel version of the story? Are there any changes in the plot or the characters?

Oh, there are a ton of things they can expect! New chapters, new character additions, and most importantly, a new ending. I started editing this fanfic in late 2017—roughly two years since the fanfic was finished—and since then I’ve been revising the ending, as well as the overall development of the story. There were things that got scrapped and things that were added in. I think I had about three or four alternate endings before I finally got to the one which I believe is the rightful ending to this beautiful story. It was a long and tedious process but I think my fanfic readers will appreciate how whole the story has become and how more in depth the character personalities are now. In the end, I just really wanted to write the best words and create the best scenes that will make my readers feel they’re more than just a spectator of the story. I want them to feel it’s real, to make them emotionally-invested in what my characters are going through. 

  1. When did you start to write? What was your first story all about?

I started writing High School freshman year—I was about 13 or 14 years old. It was a short story for my English class. I wrote about a princess who snuck out of her palace to experience the outside world. There she met a boy who instantly became her best friend. I know, it’s totally cliché but I remember being so proud of it then and how my teacher even said they’d publish it in a book collection for our library. The story is still on my Wattpad page (though it makes me cringe when I re-read it haha!).

  1. What advice can you give to aspiring authors?

My advice has always been the same whenever I get asked this question: to write and write with all your heart. It doesn’t matter what genre you write about or what characters you create; whether you’re writing fanfics online or creating stories for a publisher; what’s really important is how much the process feels for you and what it does for your soul. They say a writer gives a part of their souls in their works and that’s true. Writing for me has always been a way for my soul to release suppressed feelings or to simply say things I can’t say vocally or directly—so I say them in metaphors in my books, instead. But what most don’t realize is that it works both ways: as much as we give out, it gives us comfort in return, knowing people will read and hopefully relate to it. In a way, we feel understood. 

So yes, don’t be afraid to write your soul on that page. Struggle with words and celebrate every end of a chapter. The more you write with your heart, the more you’ll touch others’. Also, read. Read. READ. I can’t stress that enough. Part of understanding your writing is learning from others’ writings as well. 

  1. What is your message to your readers?

No amount of Thank You’s will ever be enough to express how grateful I am to you guys for allowing my books to be part of your lives. I’m just someone who enjoys writing stories but having you read them made it into a passion I never thought I would have considered a career path. Thank you for reading my books; thank you for coming to my book signings; thank you for sending me sweet messages online; and thank you for giving my simple life a purpose. I’ll do my best to create more heartfelt stories that will inspire you to live and love life every day. 

  1. Where can your fellow ARMYs or readers find your other works?

You can find more of my stories, fanfic scenarios, and read them for free on my website at: You can also find me on Wattpad (@KayeAllen-official) and Asianfanfics (KayeAllen12).


  • What’s your go-to song, especially when writing?

It’s not just a song, but several. When I’m writing a book or series, I always make a playlist. Music, for me, is a big part of the writing process. It’s important for me to get into a “headspace” before writing a particular book. Listening to music that relates to the story really helps me get in the mood and even supplies inspiration when I’m stuck or cooking up new ideas for a scene or chapter.

  • Out of all your published books, what book is your favorite?

It’s really difficult to choose one because I love them all, haha! But for this, I’ll say #LOMA, because it’s the longest book I’ve written and is an unputdownable read. You should definitely buy and read it!

  • Which character in #LOMA do you relate the most to?

I think I relate most to Drew’s friend, Nathan. He’s a really smart and sensible guy who played a big part in Drew’s awakening in the story when the latter was experiencing a difficult problem. He’s a great listener and gives great advice too, which some of the people closest to me say is one of my best qualities. My favorite quote from #LOMA was said by Nathan and I think that’s why I relate to him the most. He speaks a lot like me sometimes. 

  • Who’s your bias in BTS?

There’s no such thing as a bias in BTS. ☺ I’ve been an ARMY since their early beginnings and it’s really hard to choose a favorite when all of them are such lovable and talented people! I consider them my babies because I literally watched them grow into successful global artists. It makes me happy how they’ve remained humble, hardworking, and fun guys all these years. I’m a fan of all seven of them! #OT7

  • What’s your favorite subject in school?

It would have to be English, Literature/Creative Writing, and Philosophy. ☺ 

  • Can you share us your favorite excerpt from #LOMA?

I’ll share my favorite quote, which I mentioned a while ago. This was said by Nathan to Drew when the latter had a falling out with Alex. 

“You know the difference between people and the stars you love so much?” Nathan added. “Stars are so far off reach, but people? They’re just…there—and all you have to do is hold them and never let go. You don’t have to wait for shooting stars to get what you want, Drew… All you have to do is ask them to be yours.”

  • What have you been up to while in quarantine?

Apart from working from home, I’ve done a lot of researching for my next book! I’ve been writing as well, although I’m not sure if those can be turned into proper stories now…maybe someday. After all, most of the books I put out had been set aside for a certain amount of time before getting published. It’s kind of like planting seeds (your story ideas) and watching them grow out through the soil (researching more ideas, outlining, writing) into beautiful flowers (the book). It really does take time. 

I’ve also been reading books and watching a lot of movies and TV series’. I think it’s important to have downtime and to take a break from writing every now and then. I wouldn’t stay it’s unproductive to binge watch a series all day. I’d call it practicing productive procrastination. Doing other things can still be considered research or simply time to recharge yourself before diving into writing again. 

  • What’s your advice for people who are feeling down and unproductive during these trying times?

It’s a really tough time for all of us and I know the crisis has left us feeling lost, depressed, and grappling to find a way to become normal again. I think it’s important not to push yourself to be productive, rather to take your time doing things that make you feel happy and comforted. Whether it’s curling up with a good book, binge-watching a series, or learning something new from an online course, the best way to stay sane during this time is to focus our time and energy on taking care of ourselves.

So, don’t feel guilty about being unproductive. Think of it as a quick hiatus to step back and reevaluate your next move. Smile and be grateful for good health and a chance to spend more time with your family, indoors. ☺ 


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