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February 14, 2020

Happily single? Trying to move on? Ready to mingle? Crushing on someone? In love? Let our books take you to a whirlwind romance through our heartwarming stories of love. Scroll down below to choose which book fits your Valentine’s mood to keep you company this February!

Ako Muna by Jhomer Canja

Jhomer Canja gives readers a glimpse on one’s journey of figuring out how to mend a broken heart through finding love within one’s heart and not from other people. 

Kung Hindi Lang Tayo Sumuko by Marcelo Santos III

A sequel to Marcelo’s hugely popular debut poetry book, Muntik Nang Maging Tayo, his words, poems, and photos will surely remind you of feelings that have been long forgotten, sparking joy or sadness in your heart. A beautiful work that emanates what could have been and what’s to come next in love and life. 

Jowable by Darryl Yap

The viral video and blockbuster movie with the same title comes to fuller life in this novel about Elsa’s desperate search for romance and a partner in life. Little did she know that she can also find love in not just a significant other but from her friends, family, and herself. 

Love is Landian with Effort by Stanley Chi

A collection of essays that will teach you the different styles of flirting and give you tips on how to get the girl/guy of your dreams. Penned by writer-host-comedian and one of the country’s top humorists, this book will equip you with flirting techniques that will get you a date, may it be Valentine’s Day or not.

Miracle In Cell No. 7 Screenplay Book

A screenplay book equipped with photos from the blockbuster Filipino adaptation of Miracle In Cell No. 7 that celebrates the unconditional love of a father and daughter and how that love can change people for the better. 

Secret Nights by Aivan Reigh Vivero

A modern Cinderella story that revolves around love, lust, and lies. Anyone will get sensual feels from this steamy romance book that will make you question the real meaning of love and attraction.

Unforgettable by Ash Malanum

An unforgettable story of Jasmine as she discovers the real meaning of love, family, and friendship in an unforgettable journey with a stray dog named Happy.

Strange Love by Cristina de Leon

A story of an unusual love triangle between Shaine, a famous young international model who gives up her glamorous life in hopes to have a normal life again; Damon, who is secretly head over heels in love with her and Damon’s sister; and Mei-Mei whom she instantly starts to have feelings for. Thus begins a strange yet beautiful kind of love.

Garden of Sunflowers by Patricia G. Aviado

A ‘choose your own path’ novel that will let you enjoy the warmth of the sun in a garden full of sunflowers and five charming boys. A story that will put you on the driver's seat and let you pick a path towards the best romantic ending with one of the five boys. Be careful though, as you can also end up alone at the end of the summer festival.

Destination Pag-ibig by Eric Cabahug

A romance-comedy novel about running away from love and finding it in unexpected places from the Palanca-winning writer of “Deadma Walking”.

Hindi Hugis Puso by Billy Jake Cortez

A story of a couple who are challenged by destiny through family ties, distance, selfishness, and integrity. Their journey relates to people who will always fight for love, come what may.

Dear Diary: My Bff’s Bf by Ayris Alcachupas

A novel that tells the story of four high school students whose fates are intertwined with each other. As one of them keeps a secret that would make or break their friendship, they are forced to face challenges that can test their love for each other. Soon the four of them discover the true meaning of love, friendship, and acceptance.

Destiny is A B*tch by Joey J. Makathangisip

A unique collection of intertwined short stories about love, loss, growing up, moving on, and facing destinies. It offers readers a roller coaster ride of emotions from A to Z, literally – the stories are arranged alphabetically based on names of the lead characters. 

Kita Kita by Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo

A novelization of the romance film that melted thousands of hearts and became one of the highest-grossing Filipino indie movies in history. The book contains the full director’s version of the story and also contains photos of some of the most iconic scenes from the movie plus bonus trivia about the making of the film. 

Chasing Sunsets by Kaye Allen

A collection of five short fiction stories that revolve around the theme of love and fantasy that will take readers on a journey of romances from the ancient times of gods and goddesses to the complicated contemporary era of the present. 

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